Michael Ratton

Meet Michael Ratton, a founding Partner of Giroux Ratton.

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Only a small fraction of lawyers across the country have a medical background.  Michael Ratton is one of those lawyers.

Michael was born in Arkansas, raised in Allen Park and graduated from Melvindale High School.  He then began his career path helping people.  Michael received his Bachelor Degree from Beloit College in Wisconsin and then a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Rush University School of Nursing.  For Michael, nursing was intended as a stepping stone to medical school.  However, 30 days after receiving his nursing degree, Michael was in a serious motorcycle accident.  Through that event and his recovery, he saw the importance of timely and appropriate medical care.  Significantly, he also saw injustice occurring in the legal system which inspired him to go to law school.

Michael worked his way through law school working as a Nurse at Detroit Medical Center while the same time attending law school at night.  The majority of his nursing experience was spent on a neurology floor working with traumatic brain injuries and patients with catastrophic injuries.  He graduated from Detroit College of Law, now known as Michigan State University Law School in 1988.  Out of law school, Michael worked at the litigation firm of Mindell, Panzer located in Southfield, Michigan after which he set up his own practice in Berkley, Michigan.  Michael was recruited to be a litigation and trial attorney at the law firm of Fieger, Fieger, Kenney, Giroux where he handled hundreds of cases and tried several cases.  Michael was promoted to Senior Litigation Attorney while in this position he managed and supervised a team of associate attorneys.  Michael has achieved several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements including a $2.1 million dollar verdict in a surgical medical malpractice case, a $5.5 million dollar verdict in a psychiatric malpractice case and a $1.2 million dollar award in a legal malpractice case.

Michael uses his medical knowledge and experience to his advantage in litigation and the courtroom. He also feels it’s crucial to get to know his clients, their hobbies, work, and family life in order to properly evaluate their cases and options for litigation. Michael is passionate about the interaction between medicine and law. 

Michael lives in Royal Oak with his wife, whom he met in law school and their six children.  He is active in his church community, coaches hockey and remains an avid Harley Davidson rider.

Giroux Ratton strives to provide each client with personal attention and individual service in a professional and friendly atmosphere. The firm believes the foundation of success will be the quality of the relationships made and maintained between the attorneys of Giroux Ratton and their clients.



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